How to Take Ice Horse to Horse Shows

How to Take Ice Horse to Shows, Clinics, and Events!


It’s fine and dandy to use Ice Horse at the home barn, but what about when you travel?  How can you easily bring your packs along AND keep them icy cold?  There are a few options - and it’s best to start out with frozen packs so they stay cold at the show.


Bring a small freezer with you.  These guys are easy to move, small enough to tuck away in your show tack room, and convenient.  The small fridge and freezer combo might not get cold enough for your packs, and you might not have enough space for all of them.  Best to use just the freezer. 


This small freezer is easy to carry and has enough room for popsicles, too.


Use a cooler.  This is a great way to stash your ice packs in something that will keep them cool for a day.  This is ideal if they are frozen for at least 4 hours before you head out.  Keep the cooler sealed and you will be good. 


If you use a cooler, you might want to add some solid ice packs to keep things cold.  The gel style packs won’t last. 


You also have the option of using dry ice to keep things cold.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to find dry ice, some supermarkets don’t carry it anymore.  You also have some safety concerns with dry ice.  Don’t touch it!  Be sure to wrap it in newspaper, and you must vent the cooler.  As dry ice turns to a gaseous state, it will need to go somewhere.  If your cooler is sealed, well, things might pop. 


Even the smallest of coolers has plenty of room for many First Ice packs.


Be sure to refreeze the packs before the next day’s use.  It’s best to take them out of the black wraps.  You will also want the circular valve to be open to the air.  This allows air to help with the magic inside the ice pack.  This will also keep your ice packs fluffy and fresh longer. 

Now your horse is set to have his relaxing and therapeutic ice treatments where ever you go!