World Equestrian Games 2014 | 25 Days Away

Tom McCutcheon and Ice Horse


Ice Horse is excited to have so many of our team at the World Equestrian Games. So far, Buck Davidson, Tom McCutcheon, and Chester Weber are slated to compete. Behind the scenes,  Dougie Hannum, Max Corcoran and Dr. Mark Revenaugh will be keeping the horses in top form.   In honor of the games, we will be highlighting some of our amazing athletes and experts. You’ll get  their take on team competition, what it takes to peak your horse for a major international event,  and a look at what goes on back at the barns.  We are only 25 days away.  Look for Ice Horse on social media  where we are sure to  bring you plenty of  video and pictures to get you in the WEG spirit.  


Buck Davidson

Buck Davidson and Ice HorseBuck Davidson and Ice Horse


Tom McCutcheon

Tom McCutcheon and Ice Horse


Chester Weber

Chester Weber and Ice Horse

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