On the Ninth day of his giveaway, the Ice Horse Elf Gave to me...

An Ice Horse Back Blanket!!!!!


"BUT WAIT!", you might say, "That isn't Cappy, the Ice Horse Elf, that's an impostor!!!" Well, you would be right, we were forced to use a stand in as Cappy is only 4 and he hasn't completed his "greying out"... Since his coat is so dark, you couldn't see the blanket. But just for the record, Cappy is happy and healthy and willing to share the spotlight, just this once!

The Ice Horse back blanket is an incredible product to use on young and old horses alike. it provides uniform ice treatment to the back from the withers to the rump. It is a great product for horses that have back problems or are under strenuous work. Cappy loves the Ice Horse Back Blanket with our Deep Heat inserts. Since he is young and growing, its important to keep his back healthy when he's learning to carry a rider over fences or through the fields. The Back Blanket with heat also works incredibly well for horses with arthritis or cold backs. Like this post to Enter for your chance to win! and please visit Cappy's Holiday Blog for more information and posts:


The winner of yesterday's prize is Kristen Schwaegerle!! Please email me at Cappy@Icehorse.net with your mailing address. Thank you to everyone who entered, and make sure to check back here every day because we have 3 more awesome prizes I would love to share with you!

And remember, we are offering Free Shipping through January 10, 2015, and we have all of our products in stock! Treat your horse (and yourself or your friends) to comfort and healing this season with Ice Horse and Ice Rider products.

To enter the contest, please like this post on Facebook, or email the elf himself, at Cappy@icehorse.net! You have 24 hours to enter, the winner will be announced tomorrow at 12 PM PST, along with the announcement of the next prize!