Ice Horse chills out at the Barrel Racing Championships

At Ice Horse we love our barrel racers. The events are always so full of energy and the camaraderie between contestants defines the word sportsmanship. Last week was a barrel racing “two-fer, with Oklahoma City hosting 29th Annual BFA World Championships and the the NFR contestants running in Las Vegas, Nevada.


While the OKC competitors were racing for the buckle and $100,000 in prize money, Ice Horse rider Fallon Taylor bested her competition to become the 2014 World Champion. An inspiration on so many levels, Fallon showed us that safety and glam go hand in hand. Go Fallon for promoting helmets!” 

We always knew the barrel girls were a classy bunch and this year’s NFR winners Fallon Taylor, whom we sponsor, and Lisa Lockhart are no exception. Fallon told us about a really special moment between her and Lisa. “Lisa approached me before round 10 in the warm up pen. As a true class act she high fived me and said ‘no matter what happens this has been a real blast...we've both already let's go see who carries the buckle home!’ Well we both were crowned champions and both were presented a buckle on round 10. Lisa with the Average Championship and me with the World Championship”. Nothing could have made Ice Horse feel prouder as a sponsor of a Barrel Racer.

The Fort Worth Stock show is next on the Ice Horse circuit. Come visit us Come visit Ice Horse at the Texas Equine Mercantile store January 16th- February 7th. Keep an eye out for this girl: one of our Ice Horse representatives, Meagan Bailey! She can answer any questions you may have regarding Ice Horse products.